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Come join us, and learn more about GILENYA.

  • Hear medical specialists discuss information about GILENYA
  • Learn about our support services available for people with relapsing forms of multiple sclerosis (MS) taking GILENYA
  • Connect with other people in your community who are on or considering GILENYA

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Can't meet in person?

Try a GILENYA® Web event instead. Learn more about GILENYA from medical specialists, GILENYA Guides, and other people saying, "HEY MS, Take This!"


For relapsing forms of multiple sclerosis (MS)

Join the "HEY MS" Conversation!

Speak up and share your message. Tell MS how you really feel by posting your message on the GILENYA® map.

Make sure your voice is heard. We love that you want to say "Take This!" to MS, but there are still some words even we can't use—words that might not be appropriate. They're defined in the Community Guidelines below. But have no fear; we'll give you a heads up if you use any problematic words by highlighting them after you hit submit. So, go for it, and tell MS how you really feel!

  • Do not include medical advice or any non-approved use of GILENYA

  • No profane, indecent, or inappropriate language in your message or image, please (a no-no)

  • Avoid using your full name and/or e-mail address in your message, so this personal information remains private and protected

  • Do not include spam, such as links to or URLs for other Web sites or social networks in your message

  • Refrain from sharing any treatment and/or dosage information, as well as names of specific medicines (brand name or generic) and product manufacturers.

  • Avoid mention of side effects from GILENYA. We take drug product safety seriously. You are encouraged to report negative side effects of prescription drugs to the FDA. Visit or call

Please note that in order to comply with our Community Guidelines as well as the FDA's Prescription Drug Advertising Guidelines, your statement may be subject to modification, while maintaining the spirit of your message. Your photo and statement may be used in other GILENYA marketing materials.

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