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Tell it like it is

Nobody knows you better than yourself. And nobody knows what you want (or don't want) if you don't tell them. That's why you have to be honest and direct when talking with the people on your health care team. That means not hiding things they should know.

Speak up about:

  • Any recent relapses
  • Issues with taking injections, like injection site reactions (if you're currently on another treatment and experiencing these problems)
  • Concerns about needles (giving yourself an injection isn't for everyone, so be honest with your doctor if this is a problem for you)
  • Wanting to know more about GILENYA® for your relapsing multiple sclerosis (MS)

Speak up and have a good conversation with your health care team. Take a closer look at yourself and your treatment, so you know what to bring up. And be sure to bring the form to start GILENYA (residents of California should download this form) with you on your visit.

Save time by downloading these forms and filling out your contact and insurance info on the form to start GILENYA before you see your doctor. If you both decide GILENYA is right for you, all you have to do is sign the form and you can be ready to get going.

It's a team decision between you and your doctor

Your doctor or neurologist needs to be on the same page as you. After all, you're managing your relapsing MS together and working as a team. For some people, that means finding a doctor who really listens, and finding the right treatment.

"Why?" is a great question. Don't be afraid to ask

If someone on your health care team has a different opinion about how you should treat your relapsing MS, what are your options? Let's say you're interested in GILENYA, but they say "No." There may be a reason they said no, so ask them why and find out. Sometimes that's all it takes to better understand the big picture around your treatment choice.

Do your homework, like taking the self-assessment and quiz, and listen to other people taking GILENYA on this Web site so you can be prepared for your discussion with your doctor.

For relapsing forms of multiple sclerosis (MS)

Join the "HEY MS" Conversation!

Speak up and share your message. Tell MS how you really feel by posting your message on the GILENYA® map.

Make sure your voice is heard. We love that you want to say "Take This!" to MS, but there are still some words even we can't use—words that might not be appropriate. They're defined in the Community Guidelines below. But have no fear; we'll give you a heads up if you use any problematic words by highlighting them after you hit submit. So, go for it, and tell MS how you really feel!

  • Do not include medical advice or any non-approved use of GILENYA

  • No profane, indecent, or inappropriate language in your message or image, please (a no-no)

  • Avoid using your full name and/or e-mail address in your message, so this personal information remains private and protected

  • Do not include spam, such as links to or URLs for other Web sites or social networks in your message

  • Refrain from sharing any treatment and/or dosage information, as well as names of specific medicines (brand name or generic) and product manufacturers.

  • Avoid mention of side effects from GILENYA. We take drug product safety seriously. You are encouraged to report negative side effects of prescription drugs to the FDA. Visit or call

Please note that in order to comply with our Community Guidelines as well as the FDA's Prescription Drug Advertising Guidelines, your statement may be subject to modification, while maintaining the spirit of your message. Your photo and statement may be used in other GILENYA marketing materials.

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