People have been treated
with GILENYA worldwide.


This number includes clinical trial use and people prescribed GILENYA.

GILENYA® has a pregnancy registry—click here to learn more.

*From January - May 2013, most eligible patients paid a $0 co-pay. Call 1-800-GILENYA for details. People for whom GILENYA has been prescribed are required to report any benefits they receive through the GILENYA Prescription Co-Pay Support Program to their commercial insurance company. This offer is not valid for prescriptions for which payment may be made in whole or in part under federal or state health programs, including but not limited to Medicare or Medicaid. This program is subject to termination or modification at any time.

GILENYA can result in a slow heart rate when first taken. You will be observed by a health care professional for at least 6 hours after you take your first dose. You may need to repeat this monitoring if you miss a dose.

Studies showed that GILENYA reduced the frequency of relapses by 52% in a 1-year study vs Avonex®, and by 54% in a 2-year study vs placebo. At the 1-year mark in a clinical trial, 83% of people on GILENYA were relapse-free. Of those people taking Avonex instead, 70% were relapse-free at year's end. In a separate study, 70% of the people on GILENYA were relapse-free for the entire 2 years. For the people taking placebo during that time, 46% of them stayed relapse-free.

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