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What is a "GILENYA® Guide"? Great question; though to be honest, their title kinda gives it away.

GILENYA Guides are people with relapsing forms of multiple sclerosis (MS) who can share the ups and downs of their disease. But more than that, Guides really want to help, and are able to lend an understanding and supportive ear. Many of them have said, "No more needles for me!" since they now take GILENYA.

Each Guide offers a thoughtful, comforting voice for people with relapsing MS—especially for those who are considering GILENYA and would like to connect first with someone who's walked in their shoes.

We're proud to introduce you to a few of these extraordinary people who inspire us each and every day.


Allie C.   video

A special education schoolteacher who refuses to let anything hold her back.

South Carolina


Ina P.

A wife and mother of four who says, "There is no can't in my vocabulary."

North Carolina


James J.

A coach with his own winning football history and a son with loads of potential.

North Carolina


Jessica B.   video

A sales and contract negotiator who's calling the shots.



Jessica D.

A middle school teacher who inspires others and lives the motto, "Live it. Do it. Dream it!"



For relapsing forms of multiple sclerosis (MS)

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