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Ina P.

Wife and mother of four • Knitter and volunteer

  • How did you come to find out you had relapsing multiple sclerosis (MS)?
  • My first MS symptoms occurred around 2000 with tingling and numbness that I thought came from too much exercising. Much later, in 2009, I woke up with a bad headache, and later that morning lost the sight in both eyes. I saw a neurologist and the MRI showed more than 25 lesions. I got some more tests and a second opinion, but the diagnosis was the same—relapsing multiple sclerosis.
  • Q. What ran through your mind when you got your diagnosis?
  • A.I had been able to ignore some of my more mysterious symptoms for quite some time. But losing my sight, even temporarily, was a huge wake-up call. Trust me, that will get your attention. I realized then that the stakes were really high and that making smart decisions was crucial.
  • Q. Do I think of relapsing MS as your adversary?
  • A.Yes, in a way. I'm pretty stubborn. I try to work through my symptoms. If I can, I ignore them. If not, I take a moment and then try again. I'm not laying down and taking this! I have made a lot of changes in the way I treat my body. I used to drive myself on with miles of running and biking. Now, working out is more thoughtful—yoga, Pilates, jogging.
  • Q. What do you share with other people struggling with relapsing MS?
  • A.It was a big shock for me to go from being the strongest, healthiest, fittest person to feeling vulnerable doing even small things. I had to find the right treatment and accept my diagnosis to start to work past that. I tell people they have to keep looking for something that works for them. Maybe that's GILENYA®. But keep looking. You need to give any medication a chance to work, but you have to know when it is time to consider something else.
  • Q. Did relapsing MS change who you are?
  • A.I went through all the stages—denial, anger, grief, you name it. I finally got to acceptance. Still, I've decided the disease doesn't control my life. I control the disease. I'm still me.
  • Q. What brought you to GILENYA?
  • A.I was interested in a medication that was oral, and the prospect of fewer relapses was really compelling."
  • Q. Why do you enjoy being a GILENYA Guide?
  • A.Because I hope my story can help someone else find their own way.

*GILENYA can result in a slow heart rate when first taken. You will be observed by a health care professional for at least 6 hours after you take your first dose. You may need to repeat this monitoring if you miss a dose or are a child who is moving to 0.5 mg from the 0.25 mg dose.

GILENYA reduced the frequency of relapses by 52% in a 1-year study vs Avonex and by 54% in a 2-year study vs placebo.

  Avonex is a registered trademark of Biogen.


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